Stone Dragons

The Stone Dragons are an elite Draconis Combine military outfit spoken of mainly in whispers. They serve the Coordinator in a unique role: the art of revenge.

When enemy units attack the Combine in ways that affect the Coordinator on a personal level - whether through slights on his honour, or injuring or killing people that are important to him, or through foiling one of the Coordinator's plans - he calls upon the Stone Dragons.

Their mission: to seek out the targeted enemy unit, wherever in the Inner Sphere they may currently be, and to annihilate them.

No prisoners.

No mercy.

They are the Stone Dragons: the Revenge of the Coordinator.

To carry out their mission, the mechwarriors of the Stone Dragons begin through covert operations across the Inner Sphere, in attempts to locate and infiltrate the target unit. Then, usually following attempts of sabotage and assassination, the Stone Dragon forces land in mass, and proceed to obliterate all opposition.

The Stone Dragons use a blood-red paint scheme with grey on cockpit and weaponry.

Stone Dragon Hatamoto-Chi

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