Thursday, May 2, 2013

satellite style zoomed out battle map sheet

Each figure represents either an entire lance, or just a single mech spread out across the battlefield. 1 hex is short, 2 is medium, 4 is long.

Basically, took a screen grab of a satellite image from a random location in Africa, then played with the colours, painted on forests and coloured in lakes and dams, and painted on gray roads. The rest is fields / scrublands etc.

Then put a thin yellow grid over the top.

I'll have to play a few games on it and try out how well it works, but I love how it looks :)


  1. What did you use to print it? I have been making a few maps myself, but other than costco 20x30 or 12x18 prints, I haven't found a good way to print them yet...

    1. I print out at home on a color inkjet printer, then laminate each of the sheets, then with a pair of scissors, carefully cut the image out of each laminated sheet, then sticky tape them together from the underside so the tape doesn't show. It comes up pretty good (except sometimes the laminate gives reflections or glare if its a sunny day or a map sheet is under a bright light).
      I'm tempted to pay an office supply store like OfficeWorks to print map sheets for me, as the map would be one single piece instead of A4 sized sheets taped together. I worked out that an official BattleTech mapsheet sized image would fit on OfficeWorks' A1 custom poster sheets, but I haven't tested that out yet. The map would then be cut out of the poster sheet. I'll blog about it if I try it to see what it was like.