Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Turret Control Tower

Got another package in the mail :) A Turret Control Tower by XMarx. This was really awesome, because I was asking around if someone made, or could make, a Turret Control Tower (how can you play mechcommander scenarios without cool stuff like that?) and XMarx (who make some of my scenery and turrets) liked the idea, and sculpted one! They'll be available to buy sometime soon from XMarx, but because I suggested the idea, he's given me a freebie. How cool is that!

Anyway, I shaded this one up in reds and greys, and tried to do a sort of reflective image on the windows (treeline with sky above it), to go with my red and grey team. I'll be painting turrets up to match the tower too.


  1. At some stage I want to grab some Xmarx wall and gate sets so I can make some bases. In the game there are 'resource caches' that give salvaged gear and points when captured, so I might try some of Xmarx's 6mm cargo trucks as resources that can be captured as well :)

  2. That control tower looks excellent. I still have a bunch of the nice walls by Xmarx and will have to get something organised with them soon.