Monday, April 9, 2012

MechCommander Gold QuickStrike Op 1 Mission 1

Testing out an idea :) Converting MechCommander Gold level maps into QuickStrike missions on a hex grid! The ultimate goal would be to construct individual 3D hexes, flocked for different height levels and terrain types, and to 3D print out scenery objects like houses and bases at 3mm scale to go with it.

Anyway, for now, printed out and laminated A4 sheets laid out to make the first level of the game. Only a couple miniatures scenery objects on the map at the moment. I'm going to try and get some 3mm scale buildings for the garrisons, camps, houses, shops, apartments and stuff, that are on the level.

Anyway, look familiar ?

All the features of the first mission are on their, with terrain simplified a bit to work with a hex grid.

The drop zone - with a commando, a firestarter, and a hornet (because I only had 1 commando). Neat thing about a board game - can use any mechs that exist, if they fit with the point costs of the mission, so aren't limited to just the couple of mechs that were in the computer game!

The first cache, up the top of the map

The 're-education camp' guarded by a Clan Uller and an armoured car with a laser.

The 're-education camp' defended by a bondsman in a Commando, and a turret, and an armoured car

The natural gas tower and the suicidal explosive fuel truck, and more armoured cars

And the cache down on the left, defender by two small hover tanks

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