Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jötnar / Scavenger, my mech design

Had some spare bits and pieces, and decided to glue some together to make my own mech :)

In the mid 3050's, Victor Davion wanted the AFFC to develop their own omnimech, in response to the superiority of Clan omnimech designs. He dubbed the project Jötnar (sort of pronounced 'jert-nar') - the mythological enemy of the Norse Gods, due to some of the common Inner Sphere designations of Clan designs being names such as Uller, Thor and Loki. 

The idea was to take construction concepts of Clan omnimechs - in this case, being inspired by the Uller, and to build an Inner Sphere technology design from those concepts. The result was 20 tons heavier - a 50 ton mech of IS tech.

By 3057, with a desire to take the fight to the Clans, and no successful design, Victor approved the engineers a change in design tactics. Instead of a mech which could exchange its weapons for completely different weapon loadouts - they designed a mech that had dual connectors and power manifolds built into each weapon system housing - so that each IS weapon built into the mech could simply be unplugged and swapped for its Clan equivalent. The idea being that in a prolonged campaign against the Clans, Jötnar mechwarriors and techs would not need to rely on a steady supply of IS supplies, but could simply strip weapons from defeated Clan chassis. During the fighting in 3058 / 3059, the Clans gave the design their own derogatory designation, the 'scavenger'. The design even had numerous internal components and structure parts based upon those found inside common Clan omnimechs, so that things such as Actuators or reactor plates could be swapped for salvaged Clan ones.

The mech comes out of the factory with a cylindrical LRM 10 on one arm, on the other is an ER Medium Laser and SRM 4. Above the torso are two more ER Medium Lasers. Below the cockpit is a small pulse laser. During the fighting against the Clans in the late 3050's, each weapon could be easily exchanged for Clan tech: Clan LRM 10, Clan ER Medium Lasers, Clan SRM 4, Clan ER Small Pulse Laser.
In addition, the mech comes equipped with a Beagle Active Probe for armoured recon duties, and matches the Uller in movement and jump jets.

Raw Parts:

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