Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ages ago, I got the plastic citytech Catapult. It was big, and round, and bulky, and didn't look quite like the catapult did in the computer games. More recently, I got the Introductory Box Set plastic Catapult. It was small. Very small. And thin, and didn't even have missile holes of anything on its launchers. It looked nothing like a computer game Catapult.

Both disappointed me, because though I found the board game before the computer games, it was Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries, and MechCommander Gold, that gave me a love for the Battletech universe. And in later years, the rest of the Mechwarrior series.

And which mech did I love to pilot in these games? The Catapult. I'd hand off Atlases and Mad Cats and so forth to my lance mates, but the Catapult was mine! And neither plastic mini matched it in size and shape very well.

Finally, recently, I've started being able to collect metal Battletech miniatures, instead of relying on the cheap plastic box sets, and I realized I hadn't even looked up the Catapult on the IronWind Metals site. So, I did a browse, and boy was I surprised. They had a couple Catapult variations in metals, and they were great! I grabbed one that is closest in appearance to my preferred loadout - big missile launchers and lasers under the cockpit, and with a shape that looks just how I picture a Catapult to be :)

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