Monday, March 19, 2012

News Flash!

Hi guys, just another non-related post. I've got yet another genre of miniatures gaming going, so yes, this means yet another blog! But wait - this one has... Dinosaurs!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mad Cat and Unit Profiles

I've divided this site into some pages now. At the top, there are links for this Blog, and then for various units I create. So far, there are the Whiteswords and the Stone Dragons.

Here's a Whiteswords Mad Cat in their disguise as the Silver Swords Mercenary Battalion. I've had this metal Mad Cat for a few years now, a little scared to assemble it as it came in lots of loose pieces, but I found with Citadel super glue, it actually went together really easily. I'm glad I put it together, as I think it's a fantastic model, with lots of detail. Now I'm going to have a go at all my other many-part miniatures too :)

And here's some of the Stone Dragon mechs, with added logos and ID numbers.