Sunday, February 19, 2012

Repainting Battletech collection in more detail

I've been learning more about painting miniatures, and I've decided to repaint all my battletech minis. Basically, before all I did was paint them metal silver, then put a blue or red wash over them to colour them. Very basic. I've learnt to highlight and shade now, so I'm painting them their base colours, then washing them with black wash, then painting in all the panels again in the base colour, then painting all up facing surfaces in a lighter shade of the base colour. I'm also doing them in two colours now, instead of one, following the blue/cream and red/white pattern I was doing with the mechwarrior minis. Anyway, here's my first test minis: a Banshee and a Dervish for the blue team. (I haven't based them yet)

The basic method is: paint whole mech in shadow grey (blue) and bleached bone (cream).
Wash the whole mech in watered down Badab Black wash.
Paint all the panels in their base colour again - making sure not to get paint into the cracks where the black wash has settled.
Mix a 50/50 mix of shadow grey and white, and bleached bone and white, to make a highlight shade.
Paint the panels again, but only on up-facing panels, in the lighter shade paint.
Paint the cockpit in goblin green.
Paint a highlight line across the top of the cockpit window, in pure white.
Next, at some stage, I'll add gravel and grass to the bases so they match my flocked miniatures table.

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