Saturday, February 25, 2012

photos of all 14 mechs so far

I took these by curving a piece of paper against a cardboard box, and sitting the mini on the paper, then taking the photo with the flash on. I turned down the strength of the flash a real lot because it reflected really hard off the minis, but they still turned out bright and clear :)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Metal from IronWind Metals)

(Plastic from 1994 CityTech Box Set)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Metal from IronWind Metals)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(Metal from IronWind Metals)

(Plastic from 1994 CityTech Box Set)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

(This eggy mech is actually an Urbanmech IIC, which I didn't know when I bought it on ebay. I just use it as a standard Urbanmech anyway when playing.)

(Plastic from the 2004 Classic Battletech Box Set)

Friday, February 24, 2012

repainting collection: Blue Team Update

Here's the latest Blue Team photo with repainted mechs so far. Did a hornet and a javelin today. The javelin is an old City Tech plastic from back in the 90's I think. It's been painted a number of times, and doesn't have a lot of detail, so I tried to make sure that the panel painting gave it more definition.

repainting collection: old paint vs new paint

Did a Hornet today. I'm finding painting and shading the panels to be a real improvement on just color washing a metal mini.

old paint job: metal with a blue wash on it.

new paint job: painted and shaded panels, cockpit windows, and flocked base!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building a Lance Transport Dropship part 1

I play Warhammer 40k with my brother, and there's a vehicle that brings Space Marine infantry down to the surface to 'hot drop' deploy on the battlefield. I've always wanted to find a way to introduce dropships into standard games, and have them at the right scale to the mechs, and had an idea. I could buy a space marine drop pod, with all its side hatches in closed position as the dropship's 'hull', put landing gears on the bottom, and build a mech sized bay hatch in one side.

Here's my rules for the Mobility Lance Transport, and then below that is part 1 of building the dropship.

My idea is called the 'Mobility Lance Transport': 

Basically, instead of being a big slow interplanetary transport, the Mobility is designed to quickly redeploy lances as reinforcements to trouble zones in different parts of the same planet currently being fought over.

  • Before play, a single lance can be designated as a 'reinforcement' lance. At the start of the fourth turn of the game, roll 1d6. On a 6, the Mobility arrives with its reinforcements. Otherwise, at the start of the next turn roll again. On a 5+ it arrives. Next turn, 4+, etc.
  • If it arrives, the player designates any location on the table as the drop zone. 
  • They then roll a scatter die (a die with two Targets and four Arrows). 
  • If they roll the Target, the Mobility lands at that location successfully. 
  • An arrow means it comes down off target. Roll 2d6, and the ship comes down that many inches in the direction that the arrow is facing. (or roll 4d6 and come down that many centimetres) 
  • If the Mobility can not physically land at that location, it means the ship crashed, and the mechs cannot deploy. They are considered salvage if salvage rules are in play. 
  • If the scatter roll places the Mobility off of the table, it means that something went wrong (such as the ship getting shot down while on its way there) and the ship and the mechs are out of the battle.

I don't have my own space marine drop pod yet, but I borrowed my brother's one, to see how it is scale wise. I quite like it's size for the basis of a lance transport model. It's a pretty big model, but not so big that it would fill up the table. 

Part One is to work out how to put landing gear on the bottom. A guy on the battletech forums built a dropship from a star wars death star toy, and used star wars AT-AT legs/feet to make landing gears, and that looked pretty good. I didn't want to pull apart an AT-AT toy just for landing gears though, and couldn't find a model the right size anyway, so I looked through my stuff to see if anything might work. 

I came up with this idea: 

Cut three legs off two Mechwarrior AgroMech mk II miniatures (available for just a few dollars on ebay)

Take three 25mm round miniatures bases.

Make three small, round blobs of Green Stuff. Place one in the middle of each base, and press the top of each leg down onto a base - so that the bottom of the foot is raised in the air and flat.

The three 'landing gears' can be attached to the bottom of the drop pod. (I haven't attached them here, as it is my brother's pod I've borrowed, I've just sat it resting on top of the legs to see if it worked.) The landing gear idea came out all right! Just has to be painted.

Once I buy a space marine drop pod, I'll design some mech bay doors and maybe a ramp. Stay tuned over the next few weeks! The first one will be a Federated Commonwealth Mobility. If it works well, I'll build a second one to be a Kurita Mobility.

repainting collection: Atlas

Repainted my Atlases. I love how they turned out! So much happier with how my mechs look now.

blue team painted so far: atlas, dervish, banshee, enforcer, zeus.

red team painted so far: atlas, panther, hatamoto-chi, whitworth, akuma

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Repainting Collection Update: 21st Feb

Now I've got four mechs on each team, painted up. I really like the Hatamoto-Chi (samurai looking one!) and am happy with how it turned out. I'm considering whether to try something new on the mechs while 'upgrading' their paint job - decals. On the battletech forums there's some amazing looking mechs, and a lot of people use decals to put high detailed features on their mechs, such as the insignia of the faction the mech belongs to. I haven't used decals before, but I'm feeling tempted to try them out. I used a tripod and better lighting for these photos, and I think they turned out a bit clearer than my previous shots.

Blue Team so far: Banshee, Dervish, Zeus, Enforcer
Red Team so far: Panther, Whitworth, Akuma, Hatamoto-Chi

Monday, February 20, 2012

repainting collection: flocked and hazard stripes

Got around to flocking the bases now, and tried out brushing some hazard stripes onto the missile boxes on the whitworth and dervish. The whitworth's stripes look a bit rough, but I like the stripes on the dervish.

repainting battletech collection: red team

Well, it took a couple of goes to find a color scheme I was happy with. I tried them out on my Akuma, which has been repainted so many times over the years, it is losing a lot of its detail. However, it still came up pretty well. I turned it's face into a 'visor' cockpit, instead of eyes and nose, because I like the look better. I went with a red and grey scheme. (again, haven't based these guys yet)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Repainting Battletech collection in more detail

I've been learning more about painting miniatures, and I've decided to repaint all my battletech minis. Basically, before all I did was paint them metal silver, then put a blue or red wash over them to colour them. Very basic. I've learnt to highlight and shade now, so I'm painting them their base colours, then washing them with black wash, then painting in all the panels again in the base colour, then painting all up facing surfaces in a lighter shade of the base colour. I'm also doing them in two colours now, instead of one, following the blue/cream and red/white pattern I was doing with the mechwarrior minis. Anyway, here's my first test minis: a Banshee and a Dervish for the blue team. (I haven't based them yet)

The basic method is: paint whole mech in shadow grey (blue) and bleached bone (cream).
Wash the whole mech in watered down Badab Black wash.
Paint all the panels in their base colour again - making sure not to get paint into the cracks where the black wash has settled.
Mix a 50/50 mix of shadow grey and white, and bleached bone and white, to make a highlight shade.
Paint the panels again, but only on up-facing panels, in the lighter shade paint.
Paint the cockpit in goblin green.
Paint a highlight line across the top of the cockpit window, in pure white.
Next, at some stage, I'll add gravel and grass to the bases so they match my flocked miniatures table.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Two terrain boards done!

Just an update on my new table making project. Half done now - two foamboard sheets. The details of making the boards are on my scenery blog. Anyway, two sheets are big enough for small battles, while I wait for supplies to make the other two boards.

Here's some mechwarrior and battletech minis on the new terrain!