Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random Forces, Danger Levels, and adjusted Campaign Rewards

I'm playing everything with Quick Strike now. It's basically a simplified version of battletech, with a few small differences here and there, but it also allows for lots of fast missions to be played out. This means small campaigns can be played out in a day or two, instead of weeks or months, because you can play a whole bunch of missions in one day.

The idea for my campaigning is that lots of battles are taking place in each campaign turn, across the planet. But the overall campaign is decided by the outcome of key battles that took place during the war, that influenced the rest of the fighting.

As a result, the player selects a mission to be the 'key mission' for the campaign turn. The mission lists what danger level mechs participated in the battle. Instead of selecting your mechs, the mech record sheets are grouped according to their danger level ratings, and are shuffled and randomly drawn.

This means in each battle, you don't know what you will be using, or who you will be facing, giving a random element to each battle, but also meaning you don't get stuck performing the same tactics with the same units over and over. You have to adapt on a per battle basis, to achieve the mission objectives.

The idea of Danger Levels is this: Instead of weight classes, you look at the Quick Strike point value of the mechs, and group them:

(DL1) 2 - 5 pts
(DL2) 6 - 9 pts
(DL3) 10 - 13 pts
(DL4) 14 - 17 pts
(DL5) 18 - 21 pts
(DL6) 22 - 25 pts
(DL7) 26 and up pts

So, if a recon mission might have 4 x DL2 vs 4 x DL2 mechs. This means you go to the DL2 stack of Quick Strike record cards, and randomly draw 4 cards for each player.

If you want, you can also add more randomisation. The listed danger levels can be the results of 'intelligence reports' before the battle, but you can roll Fudge Dice for half of your mechs. Fudge Dice are dice that give a result of -1, 0, or +1. When you roll the die, if you roll -1, then that mech is a Danger Level lower (weaker), and if you roll +1 it is a Danger Level higher. This means there is a chance all mechs will be the listed danger level, but there is also a chance one or more will be weaker mechs, or one or more will be more powerful mechs.

Finally, each mission has a Reward which is how many Campaign Points the mission is worth if you win. To work out your final reward, you do this:
Add up the amount of points Player 1's mechs are worth.
Add up the amount of points Player 2's mechs are worth.
If player 1 wins, their ratio is Player 2's points divided by Player 1's points.
If player 2 wins, their ratio is Player 1's points divided by Player 2's points.
Multiply the winner's ratio by the Reward for the mission. The result is how many Campaign Points they gain if they win the mission.

This means, if you're team is bigger and tougher than your opponents, you will recieve less points if you win. If your team is weaker than your opponents, you will recieve more points if you manage to win.

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