Thursday, October 27, 2011

Even more plaster building - Mech Repair Facility

I saw a great thing called a Dice Tower on the Hirst Arts molds forums, it was a medieval tower with angled ramps on the inside. You drop dice in the top and they bounce around and roll out the main gate. Really cool! I thought I'd try making a dice tower out of my remaining bits of left over cast plaster from the 3D Space Hulk plaster molds I've been using. Only, I wanted it to go with my industrial techy buildings, and for it to be useable as a piece of scenery as well if it wasn't used as a dice tower.

The result was a small 'Mech Repair Facility' with a hole in the roof. Drop dice in and they bounce around panels on the inside then roll out the front door :) Or just use as another industrial building scenery piece on the map.

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