Friday, October 21, 2011

BT AltU Campaign: 3040 Turn 1

I've put together a 'War for the Inner Sphere' campaign using Quick Strike and a military-zoned map I made of the Inner Sphere based on maps from source books and looking at some online maps, with a bit of leeway for gameplay sake.



In 3040, an Explorer Corps expedition returned after many years, with news that they had found the descendants of Kerensky. Or rather, the remains of them. In a region of space they called the 'Dead Worlds' were signs of a massive war using advanced military technology. Kerensky's descendants destroyed themselves. Nothing much is known about what happened out there in the Dead Worlds, but wrecks of powerful war machines and weapon technologies were brought back to the Inner Sphere. In a power grab, much of this gear, and schematics of the equipment, were stolen, bought, etc, by agents of the Great Houses.

Now as a new Succession War begins across the Inner Sphere, Experimental Mechs appear on the battlefield (Clan Mechs in the official universe) fielding lighter, faster chassis, and more powerful weaponry. Can these experimental designs turn the tide of war, and will any of the Great Houses achieve their dreamed of goal - uniting the Inner Sphere into a new Star League - under their own rule?

How to Play:

I'm currently using a program called Fantasy Grounds II which is a utility for playing pen and paper style Role Playing Games on your computer, rolling dice, moving counters on images, and writing and sharing text.

Using FGII, I imported a map I made, and counters, to play out the Campaign turns like a board game, and use the text features of the program to write down what battles take place, roll up mechs to take part in scenarios, etc. I'll post screen grabs from the program to show what is happening each turn.

Each Military Zone has a Faction Logo in it to say who currently owns it. Lettered Counters are moved about to show where Great Houses are building up military forces.

Each Campaign Turn, each Military Counter can move once, to an adjacent Zone if desired. If the Zone belongs to someone else, a random Quick Strike scenario is played to see if they take over that Zone, with weaker opposition. If the enemy has a military counter in that zone though, it is an even match battle.

At the start of each new Campaign Turn, a Fudge Die is rolled (-1, 0, +1) for each faction. On a +1, a new military counter is generated at their Capital world.

The game is played for ten turns, with two teams being: Davion, Steiner, Rasalhague VS Kurita, Marik, Liao.

Generating Forces:

Using the Danger Level idea I posted about earlier, and a bunch of scenarios from books such as Sword & Dragon, and Era Report 3052, etc, I roll dice to see which scenario is played, then roll on the Force Composition tables for the Scenario to see what weight classes of mechs each side will be using. Then I convert those weights to Danger Level values. Then for each mech, I roll one Fudge Die (result of -1, 0 or +1) to adjust the Danger Level up or down, or stay the same. I then draw a Quick Strike card from my Danger Level stacks of stat cards for mechs to see what actual mech is going to fight in the battle.

This gives a good mix of randomly generated forces from Scenario to Scenario, but usually the point difference is not extreme, so it works well.

Click on the map to view the image. In the bottom left of the image, there is a link in white text, which should display the full size image if your monitor doesn't display the image full size.

Battles to be fought:
FRR attack Kurita and are opposed
Kurita attacked FRR and are opposed
FRR attacked Kurita and are opposed
Kurita attacked Steiner and are opposed
Kurita and Steiner attack a non-aligned territory
Kurita attacked Davion and are opposed
Kurita attacked Davion and are opposed
Marik attacked Steiner and are opposed
Marik attacked Steiner and are opposed
Marik attacked a non-aligned territory, and are not opposed
Liao attacked Davion and are opposed
Liao attacked Davion and are opposed
Davion attacked Liao and are opposed

TOTAL SCENARIOS: 13 for Turn One

I will post highlights of each scenario as its own post as they get played, working down this list of battles.

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