Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BT AltU Campaign: 3040 Battle Report 2

More of a battle 'summary' today. While the previous Kuritans were battling away against the FRR to coreward, the next sector down within FRR space was being invaded by other Kuritan forces. A turning point in this battle came after about a year of fighting, when in a small conflict on a small and unimportant world, the Kuritans sought to kill two important FRR heroes... and failed.
In fact, they seemed to be doing pretty good - dealing lots of damage. By the sixth turn, they had to destroy two of the FRR mechs, but on the last turn, they only destroyed one of them - and to make things worse - on the last turn, every single Kuritan except one was destroyed all in one go!

The battlefield was a cratered atmospheric moon in FRR space. I haven't painted these craters yet. The triple-hex buildings are just something I made on the computer and printed out a few years ago. I wish I had kept the file for them, as I'd love to print out and assemble some more of them. If a mech is inside the crater, they counted as having partial cover against anyone shooting in at them.

Here's the teams before the battle:
RED (Kurita)

Hatamoto-Chi, Ha Otoko, Uller, Panther, Assassin

Centurion, Flashman, Hunchback, Commando, Ryoken

And here are the survivors of the battle:
Kurita lost 4 with 1 remaining, FRR down 1 with 4 remaining. Not a good result for the attacker!

The Ha Otoko was an interesting mech to play with, not having used it before. It's a missile boat mech, and can deal up to 4 damage at medium, long and indirect fire! That's a heap of Indirect Fire compared to other mechs. Unfortunately, at medium, long and using IF, he never hit a single target. He spent his turns firing at the FRR target mechs, but never dealt a single point of damage to them. On the last turn, he was blown apart by a rear shot from a Centurion.

The Hatamoto-Chi dealt lots of damage, and took out the FRR Flashman (Objective One) but died on the same turn, being shot in the back by the FRR 'experimental' Ryoken mech.

The FRR Hunchback (Objective Two) destroyed a couple Kuritan mechs and was barely scratched when the battle ended. Here's the FRR Hunchback blowing up a Kuritan Panther.

I only just painted the Ryoken, so I thought I'd just snap a scenery shot as it moved across the battlefield :) I quite like the Ryoken figure, it has a lot of detail in the metal sculpture.

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