Wednesday, June 8, 2011

heroscape battletech mapsheets part 2

I've got most of the base ground level of the map in hexes too now, using some stuff I flocked a while ago. I've got to take a sample tile to a model train shop, and see if I can find the same flocking I used on these ones, so I can match it across any new ground tiles I get.

Still painting up another hill for the top left of the battleforce 2 map. It won't be an identical map, but good enough for me :) Here's another shot:


  1. Very nice. How did you paint those tiles?

    1. The grassy ones I glued a thin layer of tree flocking material onto. The hill ones, I painted brown, then I drybrushed with a rocky grey colour. I made sure that paint and flocking didn't jut out too much so that the tiles could still stack okay.