Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Mechs

Won a bunch of new mechs in an auction! Here's a Black Knight and an Avatar :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

xmarx scenery, and 6mm vehicles

A couple weeks ago I got some cars, trucks, vans, and armoured cars/trucks/vans with weapons attached to them. I finally got around to trying out painting some of them today :) I'm sticking to my metal washed with colour style. Got them from irregular miniatures.

I also got some Xmarx buildings and turrets. So far I've painted the solar power arrays, and some storage tanks. I've glued together missile turrets and gauss rifle turrets (which I'll be using as large laser turrets), but haven't painted them yet.

Also, I've now got a paper hex map sheet which I can stack my heroscape tiles on top of :) No more having to try and collect enough heroscape tiles to cover the table - I realised I could just print out a base sheet, and use the plastic hexes for hills and things!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

heroscape battletech mapsheets part 2

I've got most of the base ground level of the map in hexes too now, using some stuff I flocked a while ago. I've got to take a sample tile to a model train shop, and see if I can find the same flocking I used on these ones, so I can match it across any new ground tiles I get.

Still painting up another hill for the top left of the battleforce 2 map. It won't be an identical map, but good enough for me :) Here's another shot:

heroscape tiles

I've started planning out some maps using heroscape hex tiles. I don't have enough to cover the ground with them yet (but I've ordered some more box sets) but can make roads, rivers and hills with them now. The ultimate idea being to have a set of illustrated instructions for quickly assembling any of the classic battletech map sheets, using heroscape tiles.

I'm using a height level ratio of 1 height level = 2 heroscape tiles stacked. This means that a typical mech at waist high is 2 heroscape tiles on top of each other, and 4 heroscape tiles stacked is about head height. However, tall mechs (like an Atlas) are actually level 3 high - six tiles stacked.

I'm using the standard rules for things like movement, ranges, and so forth, but I'm using the miniatures rules for line of sight - so if an atlas' torso is jutting up above level 2 hills, and a mech elsewhere on the board can visually see him across the table, then they can fire at him, but he'll get a cover bonus because part of him is behind the hill.

Anyway, I'm mostly doing battleforce and quick strike rule sets, so I've started off with the Battleforce 2 map sheet. I've got all the pieces down, except there's no hex grid on the bottom ground layer - I've just stuck a citadel grass battlemat down for now until I get enough hexes.