Saturday, May 14, 2011

War is coming!

EDITED: 29th October 2011

Hi all!

Battletech Campaign:

I've re-written this post to update my welcome and reflect what I am doing now. Amidst random battles, I'm playing a camapaign set in 3040 onwards, in an alternate universe where the Clans never invade. The basic idea is that the Explorer Corps returned from a distant journey with news that they had discovered the remains of the descendants of Kerensky in a region they call the 'Dead Worlds'.

The descendants of Kerensky developed amazing technologies, then destroyed themselves in a massive and terrible war. The Corps brought back wrecked mechs and other technologies, and the whole collection was stolen by an unknown agency. This anonymous agency then sold off advanced technology to each of the Great Houses, starting a new technology and arms race, and igniting the Fifth Succession War.

The Campaign is a map of the Inner Sphere at approximately 3040, divided into military zones, with counters showing who owns what military zone, and a couple army counters that move about conquering, defending, and fighting each other. FRR, Steiner and Davion are allied, and Marik, Kurita and Liao are allied. The campaign is planned to play for 10 turns (each representing a year of fighting) to see if either alliance can conquer the home worlds of their enemies.

Red vs Blue:

Inspired by the original MechCommander game, I've divided the miniatures collection into Red vs Blue, with Red being Kurita, Marik and Liao, and Blue being Davion, Steiner and FRR. The red came out more a reddish purple, but I still tend to call it Red. The mechs are being painted by undercoating in Citadel Mithril Silver, then washing in Citadel Baal Red and Asurmen Blue. Then I use a dark red, bright red, and bright orange paint, to paint cockpit windows, and some weapon spots. Basic schemes, but I like the look, and it's great seeing whole teams in matching paint on the battlefield. The Mithril Silver gives them a shiny metallic look that I quite like.


I'll also post photos and stuff about scenery, such as plsater and plastic buildings, making boards, and so forth.

Quick Strike Rules:

I will also be using the Quick Strike (simplified, fast play, lots of units) rules as presented in the Strategic Operations book, and the Quick Strike cards which can be bought from various places as PDF's that are printed out instead of the standard full-page record sheets.

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