Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red vs Blue

So, for my Operation Bird Dog campaign, I wanted some MechCommander feel. In the game, the player's team is blue, and the Clan/Bondsmen team is red. For those who've browsed my Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Warhammer 40k blogs, you'll see I'm using Citadel paints and washes.

I found a great method for quickly making a red vs blue army: Paint all mechs in Mithril Silver, then simply coat them thickly in either Baal Red or Asurmen Blue. The result: the washes bring out all the details and colour-stain the mech, but they fade around the sharp edges of every shape, leaving an instant metal highlight on all surfaces of the model!

I love it!

I tried out painting some other colours onto them as well, but I found that when I added white, yellow, etc, when the figure is put half way across the table, all my eyes see are the coloured panels, and none of the mech's details, so I painted those figures back to mithril washed red or blue again.

Some Clan Figures:
Mithril Silver, washed Citadel Baal Red, base painted Chaos Black.

Three metal figures: I love the detail on metal battlemech figures! (Most figures I have are plastic ones)

 The figure at the front, and the one front-left, are old plastic cheap figures from the 1994 CityTech Box Set. Painting metal then wash really brings out a lot of detail in the basic plastic models. Makes them go together really nicely with the more heavily sculpted metal figures.

The highlighting effect brought out by the metal undercoat really makes all the shapes stand out great!

Some Inner Sphere Figures:
Mithril Silver, washed Citadel Asurmen Blue, base painted Chaos Black. The metal paint undercoat really gives them a metallic look that I think is great on robotic war machines :)

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