Friday, May 27, 2011

Painting a touch of colour on the mechs

I wanted to do something to bring out some of the details on the mechs a bit more, a have tried numerous attempts at adding different colours (such as some panel work) but didn't like how they turned out. In the end, I found something I liked - short, simple, and keeping to my minimalist colour scheme concept. I've simply painted missiles white, and painted energy weapons and cockpits in a bright glowy red. So far I've just added one touch of colour to them, but at a later date I'll probably add some highlights and a glosscoat so it looks better. For now though, I think even a small touch of colour helps improve their look from being all-one wash colour.

Adds a simple touch of colour to the red/purple team

I think it comes up even more effective on the blue guys :)

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