Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green-Stuff Laser Turret

I experimented today with some Green-Stuff modelling putty, a bit of wire, superglue, magnets and cardboard.

The idea was to make a laser turret for some of the scenarios. I made a hex-facing oriented X shape in thin cardboard, and a glued a diamond of the cardboard in the middle to reinforce it. Then I attached two magnets together, and glued the bottom one to the middle of the X.

Then I made some shapes with green stuff and wire, to make a laser cannon, and pressed it down while still soft onto the top magnet, wiggled it a little, and pushed it down a bit further. Every couple minutes, I rotated it so that the top magnet would spin on top of the bottom magnet, with the turret stuck to the top magnet. When it finally sets (sometime tomorrow) it should be able to spin around nicely :)

Then I just stuck some small balls of green stuff in the corners of the X.

Tomorrow I'll paint it Citadel Mithril Silver and wash it with Badab Black.

I'm not sure what to think of it yet. I might end up just making a 3D computer model of a turret, and having it 3D-Printed at a site I found called, but I thought I'd try a do-it-yourself one first for fun (and because I didn't have spare change to use the 3D printing service this week.)

 Hmm. Came out a bit bigger than I planned, but I'll wait and see what it's like painted up.

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