Friday, May 27, 2011

New Life to an Annihilator

A mech I had years ago. Bought it after playing Mechwarrior 3, which was the first time I'd encountered an Annihilator chassis, and liked the look of it. Back then, I didn't know how to paint miniatures, so I just covered it in a yellowy brown and it was 'ready to play'.

I'm really pleased with how it came up after I put my mithril silver / blue wash / red windows paint scheme on it :)


Painting a touch of colour on the mechs

I wanted to do something to bring out some of the details on the mechs a bit more, a have tried numerous attempts at adding different colours (such as some panel work) but didn't like how they turned out. In the end, I found something I liked - short, simple, and keeping to my minimalist colour scheme concept. I've simply painted missiles white, and painted energy weapons and cockpits in a bright glowy red. So far I've just added one touch of colour to them, but at a later date I'll probably add some highlights and a glosscoat so it looks better. For now though, I think even a small touch of colour helps improve their look from being all-one wash colour.

Adds a simple touch of colour to the red/purple team

I think it comes up even more effective on the blue guys :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Heroscape Hex Terrain

Got another Heroscape box in the mail today :) More hexes! They're great for stacking into different hill formations. The new one's aren't flocked yet, which is why only some of these hills have 'grass' on top of them so far. Anyway, can now add some good hills/cliffs scattered about the map :)

The original miniatures hill rules:
In the miniatures rules in the old Master Rulebook (I don't have the latest battletech rulebook) it says slight inclines cost no extra mp, but if it's too steep for a miniature to stand properly, it costs +1 MP to go up that bit of the hill.

Adjusted 'stackable hex' hill rules:
Because it's stackable hexes, there's no way a figure can stand balanced on the edge of any of them, so I've altered the rule to: if it's just 1 stack higher, it's a gradual slope, and no movement penalty applies. If it's 2 stacks higher, it's a steep slope, and a +1 MP penalty applies. If it is 3+ stacks high, it is 'cliff' and cannot be walked up - jump jets would be required.
This works out well, because 2 stacks high is about waist high on a mech, and 4 stacks high is LOS blocking, so it is the equivalent of 2 stacks high as 1 height level, and 4 stacks high as 2 height levels, with single stacks being gradual sloping between height levels.

I like the stackable hexes, because you can make different hills every time, or even combine them together to make less but even bigger hills. It will look better when they are all flocked of course :)

And a touch of Red vs Blue!

Team Red Army Shot 16th May

Here's my progress on Team Red so far, being 9 Clan Omnimechs, and 4 Inner Sphere Bondsmen down the front :)

Team Blue Army Shot 16th May

Here's the current collection of Team Blue painted figures! 15 Inner Sphere Task Force mechs so far, and 1 infantry squad.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green-Stuff laser turret part 2

Well, I couldn't be bothered waiting 24 hours for the greenstuff to finish setting, so I just painted it up anyhow. It's just a test model anyway :)

Painted it mithril silver

then washed it badab black (still wet in photo)

Then stuck it on the table :)

Green-Stuff Laser Turret

I experimented today with some Green-Stuff modelling putty, a bit of wire, superglue, magnets and cardboard.

The idea was to make a laser turret for some of the scenarios. I made a hex-facing oriented X shape in thin cardboard, and a glued a diamond of the cardboard in the middle to reinforce it. Then I attached two magnets together, and glued the bottom one to the middle of the X.

Then I made some shapes with green stuff and wire, to make a laser cannon, and pressed it down while still soft onto the top magnet, wiggled it a little, and pushed it down a bit further. Every couple minutes, I rotated it so that the top magnet would spin on top of the bottom magnet, with the turret stuck to the top magnet. When it finally sets (sometime tomorrow) it should be able to spin around nicely :)

Then I just stuck some small balls of green stuff in the corners of the X.

Tomorrow I'll paint it Citadel Mithril Silver and wash it with Badab Black.

I'm not sure what to think of it yet. I might end up just making a 3D computer model of a turret, and having it 3D-Printed at a site I found called, but I thought I'd try a do-it-yourself one first for fun (and because I didn't have spare change to use the 3D printing service this week.)

 Hmm. Came out a bit bigger than I planned, but I'll wait and see what it's like painted up.

Blue Team Infantry

I'm using infantry and battle armor from the game Mechwarrior Dark Age / or Mechwarrior Age of Destruction.

They're about 10mm scale figures I think. Battletech is supposed to be around 6mm scale, but when you look down on a table with mechs and infantry scattered about, the 10mm infantry look pretty good - not to mention, they are just big enough that you can actually make some details out on them.

Here's some Blue Team infantry and a Commando COM-2D (being used as the Federated Commonwealth in 3025 - 3055 eras and the New Star League in 3058 onwards)

Clan Vulture / Mad Dog

Finally finished gluing, painting, washing one of my favourite mechs, another for the Red Team: a Clan omnimech called the Vulture by the Inner Sphere pilots, and the Mad Dog by the Clanners. Love the look of the classic 3050 era Clan style war machines :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red vs Blue

So, for my Operation Bird Dog campaign, I wanted some MechCommander feel. In the game, the player's team is blue, and the Clan/Bondsmen team is red. For those who've browsed my Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Warhammer 40k blogs, you'll see I'm using Citadel paints and washes.

I found a great method for quickly making a red vs blue army: Paint all mechs in Mithril Silver, then simply coat them thickly in either Baal Red or Asurmen Blue. The result: the washes bring out all the details and colour-stain the mech, but they fade around the sharp edges of every shape, leaving an instant metal highlight on all surfaces of the model!

I love it!

I tried out painting some other colours onto them as well, but I found that when I added white, yellow, etc, when the figure is put half way across the table, all my eyes see are the coloured panels, and none of the mech's details, so I painted those figures back to mithril washed red or blue again.

Some Clan Figures:
Mithril Silver, washed Citadel Baal Red, base painted Chaos Black.

Three metal figures: I love the detail on metal battlemech figures! (Most figures I have are plastic ones)

 The figure at the front, and the one front-left, are old plastic cheap figures from the 1994 CityTech Box Set. Painting metal then wash really brings out a lot of detail in the basic plastic models. Makes them go together really nicely with the more heavily sculpted metal figures.

The highlighting effect brought out by the metal undercoat really makes all the shapes stand out great!

Some Inner Sphere Figures:
Mithril Silver, washed Citadel Asurmen Blue, base painted Chaos Black. The metal paint undercoat really gives them a metallic look that I think is great on robotic war machines :)

War is coming!

EDITED: 29th October 2011

Hi all!

Battletech Campaign:

I've re-written this post to update my welcome and reflect what I am doing now. Amidst random battles, I'm playing a camapaign set in 3040 onwards, in an alternate universe where the Clans never invade. The basic idea is that the Explorer Corps returned from a distant journey with news that they had discovered the remains of the descendants of Kerensky in a region they call the 'Dead Worlds'.

The descendants of Kerensky developed amazing technologies, then destroyed themselves in a massive and terrible war. The Corps brought back wrecked mechs and other technologies, and the whole collection was stolen by an unknown agency. This anonymous agency then sold off advanced technology to each of the Great Houses, starting a new technology and arms race, and igniting the Fifth Succession War.

The Campaign is a map of the Inner Sphere at approximately 3040, divided into military zones, with counters showing who owns what military zone, and a couple army counters that move about conquering, defending, and fighting each other. FRR, Steiner and Davion are allied, and Marik, Kurita and Liao are allied. The campaign is planned to play for 10 turns (each representing a year of fighting) to see if either alliance can conquer the home worlds of their enemies.

Red vs Blue:

Inspired by the original MechCommander game, I've divided the miniatures collection into Red vs Blue, with Red being Kurita, Marik and Liao, and Blue being Davion, Steiner and FRR. The red came out more a reddish purple, but I still tend to call it Red. The mechs are being painted by undercoating in Citadel Mithril Silver, then washing in Citadel Baal Red and Asurmen Blue. Then I use a dark red, bright red, and bright orange paint, to paint cockpit windows, and some weapon spots. Basic schemes, but I like the look, and it's great seeing whole teams in matching paint on the battlefield. The Mithril Silver gives them a shiny metallic look that I quite like.


I'll also post photos and stuff about scenery, such as plsater and plastic buildings, making boards, and so forth.

Quick Strike Rules:

I will also be using the Quick Strike (simplified, fast play, lots of units) rules as presented in the Strategic Operations book, and the Quick Strike cards which can be bought from various places as PDF's that are printed out instead of the standard full-page record sheets.