Friday, December 30, 2011

painted citadel GW battlemat

I've got two of the green fake-grass battlemats by citadel / games workshop, and I decided to try adding some detail to one of them today, being bored of a flat green featureless battlefield. So I got some browns and some greens and painted english/french style fields onto the mat, but only lightly so that it can still roll up and unroll and still maintain the colouring.

Anyway, for full details, see my 15mm historical blog at:

It's a bit rough, but I like it. Here's a pic with some sci-fi terrain and some mechs on it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

City Map

Put together a city map today - I turned one of the citadel green 'grass' mats upside down, to show the black non-slide undersurface, and used it for an instant road surface. Then I cut out rectangles of foamboard, and brushed them gray with a sponge to make the concrete blocks. Then stuck my scenery on for a city district, with business and industrial areas, and a central park :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

just a photo of the industrial buildings

Just playing a random match, and I liked how this board looked today and took a photo. Shows a few industrial pieces placed against each other to make larger industrial structures, instead of spreading them all out, and the Mech Repair Facility scenery piece and the Orbital Gun emplacement piece (Aegis Cannon). The Repair Facility is the biggest plaster building I've made so far, but I don't think I've got enough cast plaster pieces to build any more, until I make some more pieces.

Orbital Cannon

Inspired by the MechCommander Game, with its mobile orbital cannons that fire at orbiting Dropships, I put together an Aegis Defence Line cannon yesterday, and kept off some of the 40k flavouring bits, so the turret can be generically used in any miniatures game. Star wars, 40k, Battletech, etc, makes a great big turret weapon! Anyway, here it is as an orbital cannon. Attackers must approach by land, and capture it or take it out, so that their main forces can set down in the area unharmed.

Here it is with a 40k soldier

Even more plaster building - Mech Repair Facility

I saw a great thing called a Dice Tower on the Hirst Arts molds forums, it was a medieval tower with angled ramps on the inside. You drop dice in the top and they bounce around and roll out the main gate. Really cool! I thought I'd try making a dice tower out of my remaining bits of left over cast plaster from the 3D Space Hulk plaster molds I've been using. Only, I wanted it to go with my industrial techy buildings, and for it to be useable as a piece of scenery as well if it wasn't used as a dice tower.

The result was a small 'Mech Repair Facility' with a hole in the roof. Drop dice in and they bounce around panels on the inside then roll out the front door :) Or just use as another industrial building scenery piece on the map.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Plaster Buildings / Industrial scenery

I've got some Hirst Arts plaster molds, for making 3D Space Hulk map tiles, and some other industrial Hirst Arts molds, and I've been making plaster buildings, gluing some odds and ends scraps from 40k sprues, and making some industrial structures for miniatures gaming. They make great industrial buildings for battletech! They go pretty well with some resin stuff I painted up as well.

Here's the collection of resin / plastic / plaster structures so far.

I glue the plaster / plastic bits together, then paint it silver

Then wash it citadel badab black

Everything is stand-alone modular pieces like these beams:

That can then slot in beside other pieces to make a larger industrial structure :)

More pics!

BT AltU Campaign: 3040 Battle Report 2

More of a battle 'summary' today. While the previous Kuritans were battling away against the FRR to coreward, the next sector down within FRR space was being invaded by other Kuritan forces. A turning point in this battle came after about a year of fighting, when in a small conflict on a small and unimportant world, the Kuritans sought to kill two important FRR heroes... and failed.
In fact, they seemed to be doing pretty good - dealing lots of damage. By the sixth turn, they had to destroy two of the FRR mechs, but on the last turn, they only destroyed one of them - and to make things worse - on the last turn, every single Kuritan except one was destroyed all in one go!

The battlefield was a cratered atmospheric moon in FRR space. I haven't painted these craters yet. The triple-hex buildings are just something I made on the computer and printed out a few years ago. I wish I had kept the file for them, as I'd love to print out and assemble some more of them. If a mech is inside the crater, they counted as having partial cover against anyone shooting in at them.

Here's the teams before the battle:
RED (Kurita)

Hatamoto-Chi, Ha Otoko, Uller, Panther, Assassin

Centurion, Flashman, Hunchback, Commando, Ryoken

And here are the survivors of the battle:
Kurita lost 4 with 1 remaining, FRR down 1 with 4 remaining. Not a good result for the attacker!

The Ha Otoko was an interesting mech to play with, not having used it before. It's a missile boat mech, and can deal up to 4 damage at medium, long and indirect fire! That's a heap of Indirect Fire compared to other mechs. Unfortunately, at medium, long and using IF, he never hit a single target. He spent his turns firing at the FRR target mechs, but never dealt a single point of damage to them. On the last turn, he was blown apart by a rear shot from a Centurion.

The Hatamoto-Chi dealt lots of damage, and took out the FRR Flashman (Objective One) but died on the same turn, being shot in the back by the FRR 'experimental' Ryoken mech.

The FRR Hunchback (Objective Two) destroyed a couple Kuritan mechs and was barely scratched when the battle ended. Here's the FRR Hunchback blowing up a Kuritan Panther.

I only just painted the Ryoken, so I thought I'd just snap a scenery shot as it moved across the battlefield :) I quite like the Ryoken figure, it has a lot of detail in the metal sculpture.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

BT AltU Campaign: 3040 Battle Report 1

A note about this alternate universe campaign: all Quick Strike cards published are available regardless of era. The idea is that in 3039 the Explorer Corps returned from the distant 'Dead Worlds' where Kerensky's followers had destroyed themselves in a high tech war for some unknown reason. Technology from those ruined worlds was brought back by the Corps, and much of it stolen by unknown agents, who sold schematics, data, and Kerensky Artefacts, to the Great Houses, resulting in a vast array of newly produced high tech gear and chassis - and also resulting in a new Succession War as the Houses sought to use these new technologies in their quest to be Lord of the Inner Sphere.

Scenario One
As the year 3040 passed, numerous wars erupted across the Inner Sphere. To Coreward, the animosity between Rasalhague and House Kurita came to a boiling point, and Rasalhague forces invaded Kuritan held territory (partly prompted by their 'allies' in House Steiner).

The fighting involved intense skirmishes throughout that Zone, drawing on as the year went by. At the end, a major battle was fought that turned the tide of that conflict.

Scenario Rolled: Assault

As battles raged across that Miltary Zone, one key encounter determined the fate of the entire Zone.
Goal: Rasalhague must defeat seven of the ten mechs fielded by House Kurita, to capture the Zone.

Rasalhague Mechs participating in this battle:
Assassin, Clint, Javelin, Grasshopper, Zeus, Caeser (Cataphract figure) Banshee, Black Knight, Marauder II, Atlas.

Kuritan mechs participating in this battle:
Assassin, Kintaro, Quickdraw, Jagermech, Hunchback, Orion, Banshee, Hatamoto-Chi, Atlas, Black Hawk XA (In this alternate universe, Clan Tech is simply advanced, experimental modern technology.)

Board Setup:
On the outskirts of a Kuritan settlement, battlelines approach each other in a desperate pitched battle. FRR forces approach from the South and the East. Kuritan forces approach from the North and the West.

Turn One:
I won't be writing every little detail, I'll simply be mentioning Moves of note, and fighting of interest. Lots of other moving and fighting is going on as the battle progresses that I won't go into details of, or this report would just go on and on :)

Movement of Note:
Kuritan mechs move in among the trees and buildings, while FRR mechs advance.
In the NE corner, a Kuritan Hunchback moves around behind a power reactor, planning to flank the big FRR mechs that are in that corner, distracting the FRR Atlas, Caeser and Grasshopper that are nearby, who turn to cover the approach of the Hunchback while still having line of sight to the other big Kuritan mechs: Atlas, Hatamoto-Chi, and others.
(The Hunchback was painted by my brother, and has a lot more detail than the one-color washed mechs)
The NE corner: mechs fight around a small lake
In the south and north west, mechs move about, getting into initial firing positions.

Combat of Note:
At the southern end of the battlefield, the FRR mechs teamed up on the Kuritan Black Hawk XA, blowing it apart! Similarly, the Kuritan mechs teamed up on the FRR's Marauder II, but failed to destroy it.
The FRR Marauder II, stripped of its armor dice:
In the northern end of the battlefield, the FRR Grasshopper is also targeted, and stripped of armor.

Moves of note:
The Kuritan Kintaro in the south west backs off of the hill, to put the hill between him and the aproaching FRR mechs for some cover. However, the FRR Assassin jets into the sky, and comes down directly behind the Kintaro, so it can fire into its rear!
(FRR Assassin in the rear!)

In the north, the Kuritan Assassin jets into the lake, near the FRR Caeser and Grasshopper, creating another distraction, while the Kuritan Hunchback comes around the side of the power reactor and into line of sight.

(Kuritan Assassin lands in lake, to distract FRR mechs from the approaching assault mechs.)
(Kuritan  Hunchback comes into view along edge of battlefield)
Combat of Note:
In the southwest corner, the FRR Assassin shoots the Kuritan Kintaro in the back, finishing off the Kintaro's armor.

The Kuritan Jagermech nearby blasts away at the FRR Assassin, trying to defend the Kintaro, and almost destroys the Assassin!

The FRR Black Knight overheats x2 to deal 6 damage to the Kuritan Banshee, stripping it of its armor.

In the northeast corner, the FRR Grasshopper moves in and blasts the Kuritan Assassin at close range - and the Kuritan Assassin blows apart in a shower of fire and shrapnel!

The Kuritan Atlas deals tremendous damage to the FRR Atlas, as they shoot at each other in the NE corner.

The state of the battlefield:

Movement of note:
The heavily damaged FRR Marauder II and the damaged Kuritan Orion continue to stalk toward each other - forming an unspoken duel in the heart of the battlefield.
In the north, the FRR Atlas is almost surrounded by Kuritan mechs, and turns to face the power reactor so his rear is not in any firing lines.
In the south, the barely functioning FRR Assassin jumps from behind the Kuritan Kintaro to land behind a Jagermech - the one that almost killed him last turn.
Back in the north, inspired by the hopping Assassin, an FRR Clint leaps across the board and lands behind a Kuritan Quickdraw. The Quickdraw had already moved, and now has someone at his front and his back.

Combat of note:
The leaping FRR Assassin blasted off all of the Kuritan Jagermech's armor in revenge for the Jagermech's previous attack.

The FRR Javelin and Black Knight finish off the Banshee, which collapses in a smoking wreck on the side of a hill.
In the north, the leaping FRR Clint and FRR Grasshopper deal devastating damage to the Kuritan Quickdraw, and it only has 1 structure point left!

In the North East, the Kuritan Hunchback has come around the corner of the power reactor, and fires point blank into the side of the heavily damaged FRR Atlas, blowing it apart! However, as the Atlas explodes, the FRR Caeser takes a pot shot at the Hunchback - and critical hits the cockpit, killing the Hunchback pilot instantly!

In the middle of the battlefield, the duelling FRR Marauder II and Kuritan Orion continue blasting at each other, but no kills.

State of board:
Movement of note:
The Kuritan Kintaro, heavily damaged and overheating, can't do anything this turn or it will shut down. The leaping FRR Assassin comes back through the air and lands behind the Kintaro yet again!
The duelling FRR Marauder II and Kuritan Orion meet face to face in the middle of the battlefield, weapons blazing!
In a surprise move, the leaping FRR Clint up north flies over the battlefield and comes down behind the back of the damaged Kuritan Atlas! If the Atlas had not already moved, the Clint would likely be in a whole lot of trouble...

Combat of Note:
The FRR Assassin fires point blank, again, into the rear of the Kuritan Kintaro, blowing it apart!

Up north, the leaping FRR Clint completely misses the back of the damaged Kuritan Atlas.

In the South West, the FRR Banshee and Javelin finish off the damaged Kuritan Jagermech.

Back in the north, the Kuritan Quickdraw finishes off the FRR Grasshopper!

State of Board:
The FRR Clint and the Kuritan Atlas finally come face to face, blasting at each other - but both miss!

Meanwhile, in the middle of the battlefield, the duelling FRR Marauder II and Kuritan Orion blast away at each other some more. The Orion realizes that in the space of one turn, his comrades have been destroyed, leaving him alone and surrounded at the end.

The FRR Assassin, running really hot, leaps one last time, landing near the battered Orion, and manages - despite lots of modifiers - to strike a killing blow. The Orion explodes, but as it does, the Orion's pilot pulls down one final time on his triggers, sending a last stream of weapon fire at his nemesis in the Marauder II.

The FRR Marauder II explodes!

The FRR has achieved its goal of destroying seven Kuritan mechs. The final three Kuritan mechs (Atlas, Hatamoto-Chi and Quickdraw) are on the verge of destruction as well, and are forced to surrender. The Kuritan military in this zone is broken in the aftermath of the year of fighting in this region, and the FRR lays claim to this sector of space!