Monday, November 20, 2017

Battletech Awesome on the Coast

Playing around with some of my holiday photos: insert a miniature (an 80 ton Awesome) into the scene, paint on some dropships taking of...

As always, click for larger view.

pastel sketch Battletech Hornet

One of my hobbies is sketching with pastel pencils. I thought I'd do a quick sketch of a miniature for fun, and picked the tiny Hornet, and added some surroundings.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Blue Team mechs so far

I've painted up a hunchback, whitworth, Valkyrie (new sculpt version) and an old Ral Partha battlemaster (original design from over 20 years ago), to add to my blue team.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

3D Hexes mostly all painted up and turned into a map!

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Here's what my first goal has been: converting Battleforce 2 map sheet plus half of 'river running through forests and hills' map sheet that I can't remember the official name of.

And here it is in 3D - but with only 1/3rd of the trees (because I ran out of trees, and also, because my trees are the wrong gaming scale!)

I've got a HUGE amount of 6mm gaming scaled trees coming, so I should be able to do all the forest tiles up properly once they arrive. And the trees will be smaller instead of being 8 to 10 or more storeys high!

Here's some close ups

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

finished painting, glueing, flocking ground level of hexes

Took most of the day, but I've got the ground layer of hexes all done now. It's great being able to stand back and see the flocked grid worked out! It's like having a free-form miniatures terrain board on the table, but with the grid it should be great for all kinds of games. I'll probably get some of the old grid-based WoC Star Wars skirmishes happening on there at some stage too (but mostly it will be for Battletech related stuff).

Now I've just got to do all the 3D hex pieces for the hills and height levels, etc.

Monday, October 23, 2017

got another heroscape box!

Thanks to my family for getting another heroscape box for me as a present :)

Now my maps are an extra 50% longer on the table, taking up most of my table now, and I can make some cliffs and things now with all the extra 3D hexes!

I still have to paint and flock things, so at the moment the raw heroscape plastic is still showing through in some places.

I've place some of the Battlemechs and vehicles on there to give a sense of scale. It feels really 3D now compared to before!

As always, click on the pictures to see it better.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back into Battletech, and Back into Heroscape 3D Hexes

So, I haven't done much in years, regarding Battletech related board games. I'm a Beta tester for the upcoming Battletech computer game, based on the board game but with lots of the advanced rules added in as well, and surprisingly, it got me wanting to play the real thing with my own painted miniatures and 3D scenery.

I'll be getting another Heroscape Master box set soon as my birthday is around this time of the year, so I'll be greatly increasing the number of tiles I have, and I've ordered more flocking and stuff so I can 'do them up' into miniatures scenery. I thought I owned two box sets, but it turns out I own one box set plus an expansion. So, the new box set will DOUBLE most of the hexes I own!

For now, I tried using the pieces I currently own to create the official 'Woodland' map, which has a lake in the middle, scattered forests, and two small hills on one side. It felt a bit sparse, and I didn't have enough of the larger hex terrain pieces in 'grass' so I turned one corner of the map into the outskirts of an industrial zone.

Then I thought, what this needs, is a road. So I took all the short, flat, shiny green swamp Heroscape tiles that I had, spray painted them black, and now I can lay roads out over the top of any maps that I make :)

As you can see, there's still unpainted / unflocked bits here and there, but I'll be sorting that out over the next week or two. Once the new box set arrives, I'll be able to really 3d-ify the landscape even more, and should be able to create most of the official map sheets in 3D.

I'm trying to decide whether to paint dotted white lines along the road tiles. It would make it look even more like roads for the mechs and mech-scaled vehicles and buildings. However, if I wanted to use these hexes to play with 35mm Star Wars miniatures, the dotted lines would be right out of scale. For now I've just left them spray painted black.

I really should paint up the bases on those trees - at the moment they're just black plastic bases with a blob of Green Stuff holding the trees in place...